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Whistleblowing at Langh Companies

The Langh Companies always strive to act sustainably in the long run, protecting their employees and other values. As a complement to an open business culture, The Langh Companies have a whistleblower solution, NorthWhistle, where anyone who knows of or has suspicions of serious misconduct within the organization can report this anonymously.

Who can report?

  1. employees,

  2. volunteers,

  3. trainees,

  4. persons who otherwise perform work under the control and direction of an operator,

  5. self-employed,

  6. persons who are members of the administrative, management or supervisory body, if the operator is a organisation; and

  7. shareholders who are active in the company, if the operator is a limited company.

If you belong to a different category of persons than the above, you are not covered by the protection in the whistleblower legislation.

Internal reporting

With the whistleblowing solution NorthWhistle you can submit a report anonymously. You are assigned a case number to be able to follow up on your case during the investigation. You will either get a password or you will be asked to provide your phone number in order to later be able to log in to the reporting tool. If asked for a telephone number this will never be visible to The Langh Companies, and is only requested for login purposes. According to the Whistleblower Act, you have the legal right to receive a confirmation message within 7 days of reporting a concern, as well as the right to receive feedback within 3 months of receiving the confirmation message.

External reporting

If you have reported internally within The Langh Companies but have not received the response you are entitled to under the whistleblower legislation, you can report your case externally to the authorities while maintaining protection against retaliation. These authorities are appointed by the government.

Policy on personal data management

The Langh Companies are always obliged to comply with applicable personal data management legislation. Personal data concerning violations of the law may only be handled in accordance with the Privacy Protection Authority's regulation DIFS 2018: 2. In special reporting channels, private actors may only process personal data on violations of law if the data relates to persons in key positions or leading positions within The Langh Companies and it is objectively justified to use the data to investigate whether the person in question has been involved in serious misconduct related to accounting, internal accounting control, auditing, prevention of bribery, banking and financial crime, or other serious misconduct affecting the vital interests of the organization or the life and health of individuals. Due to the above, information concerning other persons who are not in a leading position or key role should be reported to the immediate manager, HR department or safety representative. The processing of personal data is based on a balance of interests and is thus the legal basis.

Personal data reported into the whistleblower solution will only be used to investigate the suspicion to which the report relates. Once the report has been investigated, you as a whistleblower will receive feedback to a reasonable extent about what measures have been taken and the information will then be deleted.

A person who is the subject of a report in the whistleblower system will be informed about it when there is no longer any risk that the investigation may be jeopardized by doing so.

For more information or to obtain a register extract, please contact The Langh Companies' data protection representative.

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